Welcome to The Luminous Heart Center LLC

The mission of The Luminous Heart Center is to create a healing and learning environment to support individuals in connecting to their heart’s light, love and wisdom. We are located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Catherine Masterson, RN,  MS in Counseling,  Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor and Practitioner. As an intuitive counselor, Catherine helps clients achieve balance and harmony by realizing personal goals, connecting to inner wisdom, and cultivating love and joy.

Catherine Masterson, RN, MS in Counseling
Monica Bastian, MA in Education

Monica Bastian, MA in Education, Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor and Practitioner, has been an educator and workshop facilitator for over 30 years.  Monica helps clients manifest their life’s vision by overcoming self-limiting beliefs and providing skills for their self-healing.