Events at the Luminous Heart Center

A Celebration of Light with the Angels

December 21, 2019

12:00 pm—2:00 pm    Fee $30

Join us on the Winter Solstice for a workshop on working with the Angels,  and learning to connect with them through meditation and prayer.  We will specifically call upon the guidance and healing of Archangel Raphael,  the strength and power of  Archangel Michael, and  the messages of light from Archangel Gabriel.

The Joy of Light- Patrick Ryan

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping)

January 18, 2020

12:00 pm—2:00 pm    Fee $30

Relief can be found at your fingertips!

Learn proven techniques to relieve stress and improve mood, mental focus and performance.  These techniques have been a transformative experience for thousands of adults and children worldwide including medical professionals,  yoga teachers, military veterans and individuals with PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADD and pain relief.

Tapping is the most effective technique available for making your life better today, and helping you create a life you truly love

Nick Ortner