“Tapping Into a Lighter Spirit”

The Luminous Heart Center, more specifically Catherine Masterson and her work educating teachers about EFT, was included in an article in the Chronogram: https://www.chronogram.com/hudsonvalley/tapping-into-a-lighter-spirit/Content?oid=8615097

“Once you start tapping on the body, it’s almost magical the way thoughts or memories will come forward. Those end up being the underlying themes what we work on….We can get to the root source of anxiety….We’re tapping the whole time, and that sends a signal to the brain that you’re safe.”

Catherine Masterson from article written by Wendy Kagan, Chronogram 7/19

We have just finished working with a second group of Washingtonville Teachers during the first week of July, educating them about stress reduction tools, specifically EFT. The teachers are prepared to assist students to self-regulate their emotional states and create an environment where learning is optimized!

The teachers in both the May class and the July class experienced first hand how EFT can assist with pain relief, phobias, limiting beliefs, insomnia and stress relief. Their enthusiasm and confidence in these Emotional Freedom Techniques will instill a sense of calm, ease and flow into the learning process.